Our Strategy

Our vision is to help clients of any size, to invest into the UK residential market in a very hands off way. The Sandstone Residential REIT focuses on high performing traditional properties, in prime locations within the top regional university cities. Our target rental group are students, backed by their parents acting as guarantors. The key client jurisdictions are UK, Europe, USA, Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, China). The REIT offers several benefits

  • Investors can access the asset class in a very hands off way

  • There are reduced management fees, because of scale

  • The ability to invest personally, or via a Ltd Co, SIPP or SSAS

  • The REIT is a tax efficient structure

The REIT will initially be listed on TISE, and will move to the LSE AIM market, as it scales up.

Stage 1: Allows existing private clients to invest into the REIT, as an alternative to personal ownership.

Stage 2: Wealth managers, Family Offices and professional advisors are able to participate.

Stage 3: Institutional investors will be invited to participate.