As a service business, we will always aim to communicate by the fastest and most effective method possible - which is likely to be What’s App video or messaging. That helps ensure a more personal service. It also helps with speed of communication, and time zones, too.

Every client will have an assigned Business Partner (BP). Behind them there are specialist teams, to ensure the right level of expertise, given the broad range of services we have. A BP may involve a specialist manager on a given topic.

Each client will have open access to the personal number of the CEO plus the relevant director.

Letting service

We will ensure great photos and marketing, including 360 HD tours. We advertise via (30+) letting portals as a free service.

We provide proactive comms through our viewings technology.

We will carry out a formal review with a director, if a property remains unlet after 3 weeks. There will be a formal review with MD / CEO should it remain unlet after 6 weeks.

Move in + Move Out Service

We provide great comms on any tenant requests and conditions, lease signing, serving notice, etc.

We reference each tenant and Guarantor through a professional body, to minimise your tenancy risk. We re-charge the cost to the landlord, as it’s now illegal to charge the tenant.

We’ll always try and get tenants to re-sign their lease. We’ll arrange pre-let’s and / or open viewings, to minimise downtime.

At the lease end, we’ll charge tenants and their guarantors for any cleaning, any damage we find, any outstanding repairs which are their responsibility. Plus any missing rent.

We work with the government tenant deposit schemes in Scotland and England. Where appropriate, we’ll help a landlord to pursue outstanding money, through our client accounts team.

Compliance, safety + inspections service.

As an ARLA accredited company, we’ll take care of all safety issues as a given, communicating before and after.

All certifications are held on the Landlord portal. We will also share all inspection reports via our portal.

Annual Portfolio Reviews Service

Once a year, we’ll set up a portfolio review which will help examine how your portfolio has performed. This is a free service which is unique to Sandstone.

  • RICS valuations
  • Rent performance and occupancy.
  • Cost review
  • Tax mitigation.
VIP service

We have a free service for landlords when investing. We deal with the bank and lawyer on your behalf. You remain in control.

From June 2021, you can now also opt into a VIP service for the ongoing management of your property. An experienced BP will allow you to be very hands off, while you remain in control. The BP will advise you of larger issues together with our proposed solution, but we won’t bother you with the day to day minutiae.

Aspen Renovations Service

Our Aspen renovations combine traditional features, modern interiors, and high safety standards. We renovate a property at a fixed cost, with no ‘extras’.

We’ll renovate your property over an 8 week period. We’ll provide a 360 HD video at the start of renovations, again as it’s taking shape, and finally once it’s complete and furnished. If requested, we can provide a breakdown of total costs for a full renovation, and by trade.

We won’t explain the minutiae of issues along the way, arising from problems we typically encounter day-to-day with such a project, but we will inform you of anything major, together with how we’ll solve it. That could include building consents, structural challenges which we uncover, asbestos, damp, etc. All such things can be common in an older building.

We’re proud of our success, and the fact that we never ask for ‘extras’ in terms of costs. That makes us truly unique.

Aspen Light Upgrades

Our BPs can take you through your properties via Zoom wherever you are in the world, with the help of our 360 HD tours.

Where properties are ‘of an age’ and where it makes commercial sense to upgrade, we offer an Aspen light upgrade service.

Within an upgrade, we typically refit a bathroom, upgrade a kitchen and finish properties with carpets, decor and energy efficient lighting.

Repairs service

We’ll provide a clear explanation for tenants and landlords on who pays for what. Tenants tend to be responsible for issues around usage. Landlords are responsible for issues around the fabric of the property.

When required, we will escalate a more complex question surrounding repairs responsibility to ARLA or another appropriate body. Tenants or landlords can also speak directly to ARLA on a given issue, should they wish.

We provide practical help and videos, for tenants to carry out minor DIY such as changing light bulbs, re-pressuring a boiler, unblocking a sink, etc. We will always check guarantees and warranties which are held on our system.

Tenants will be charged for repairs which are their responsibility, via credit card and / or Direct Debit. Landlords will be recharged via their property statements. We will share std costs for the top 30 most frequent repairs, and will seek landlord consents for repairs which fall outside of that. We will provide two quotes for any bespoke works, which are over £500.

If there is a common repair, and if there is no Local Authority, stair partnership, factor or co-ordinating neighbour, we’ll step in. Depending on the scope of works we may involve a professional company to co-ordinate it all.

If your property insurance is through our Sandstone block policy, we will be able to manage the whole insurance process.

We provide a 24 hour call out service for emergencies.

Client Accounting Service

We will provide fast and accurate invoicing and accounting for all client income and expenditure. We promise to deal with any issues arising within 24 hours.

We will provide management information and year end accounting information for your accounts and tax returns, on request.

We’ll pursue outstanding monies from and for clients and suppliers.

We pay all suppliers within 30 days. We will answer any questions on the accounting / statement side quickly.


We supply hotel style furniture which combines durability and cost efficiency. All furniture meets the various safety regulations.

The furniture is made in the UK and comes directly from the factory. This means we get fast service and cut out any middlemen.

Sofa beds, carpets etc. are all pre-treated so they can survive minor spillages.

Prices include 48 hr delivery, assembly, installation, and pick up of old items. We can provide cost estimates if required.


We provide support for both tenants and landlords for Coronavirus in line with national guidelines.

This includes:

  • 360 HD property tours
  • On line viewings
  • Zoom inspections
  • Repairs

Any general issues can be flagged to your BP, who will log the issues, and may resolve it themselves.

If it’s more complex, or if you prefer, the BP will create a group WA to include the relevant Department head and MD / CEO.


We value your feedback

With your help we’ll continually improve. So we welcome your feedback - good and bad. And your ideas for improvement.